Arie Hirsh is a Writer, Director, Producer and Photographer who has been engaged in creating stories and images for the screen for over twenty years.

Arie Hirsh is Screenwriter, Director, Producer and photographer. Arie has twenty years experience working in the Film and Television industry, A Binger Filmlab and AFTRS graduate. Ever since Arie was 8 years old he has been filming with a super-8 movie camera, as well as video cameras in his late teens to today. In his early years Arie directed the kids in the neighbourhood creating thrillers, kung fu, and disaster films. In his teens Hirsh got most gratification writing and filming horror genre short films. It was not until he was in his early twenties that Hirsh was writing, producing, directing and editing documentaries. His first documentary was called ‘Philadelphia house’ It was screened on Australia’s first public access television station in Melbourne. Continuing his foray in ground breaking documentary making, Arie wrote, Co-produced, co-directed and edited the PCV, which was received well on an International stage. In between making his films, Arie Hirsh worked as camera operator, stills photographer, sound recordist on a number of different projects on subjects ranging from fashion documentaries, live to air fashion parades, live action sports to short films with genres crossing between horror to comedy. His next major venture was to coproducer, direct and edit the documentary ‘Hate Crime’ which received critical acclaim and was broadcast nationally in Australia on SBS TV. In Sydney Hirsh continued his involvement in the film industry and was hired as an associate producer and director on a sitcom pilot, a director on a community service announcement. Arie also was hired as a photographer for a number of magazines, one of them was an exclusive one-off Paris fashion magazine called ‘Taste’, each edition sold for over 200 Euros. Arie directed a number of short films however one he’s most proud of is the award winning ‘Gem’ which he was writer and director. In Amsterdam Arie Hirsh received the scholarship to study screenwriting at the Amsterdam School of Art’s Binger Filmlab. He was surprised to receive the scholarship as he never thought of himself as a writer. He was proven wrong when he returned to Sydney and after applying was accepted into AFTRS as a screen writing student. Arie Hirsh graduated with high distinctions in all his chosen genres, however his most particular talent was writing horror genre screenplays. At AFTRS, Hirsh had wrote a feature film called ‘Blood Libel’ a Gothic horror set in the Netherlands. Also at the Film School Arie co-wrote a short film called ‘Wanderlust’ with director Maximillian Hemmings and they continue their collaboration on a short film called ‘The Lumberjack’ which Hirsh was asked to screenwrite the screenplay as well as developing a feature film script called ‘Oberon’ A year later Hirsh Script edited directing graduate, Ben Matthew’s short film ‘Emily’. Arie Hirsh continues his collaborations with other filmmakers, Danielle Zorbas’ on developing an adaptation of a Dostoyevsky novella, as well as co-writer of director Greg Hackett’s film ‘Macadamia’, which has received funding and now Arie Hirsh is producing the film. Arie hopes to continue working as a screenwriter in the future and has many stories in mind. His secret love is science fiction or Sci-fi, and ultimately will having a go at writing on or two of them.